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The Royal Letters Mystery

The Royal Letters Mystery

 by Janet Cowlard

In paperback, with over 350 pages, this captivating mystery follows Janet's investigation into five letters handwritten on headed notepaper from four Royal residences.

The letters provide an intimate insight into the letter-writer's life with "the King and Queen" and other members of the British, Dutch and Russian Royal Families. The book is supported throughout by more than 80 colour and black & white images of Royalty, and people and places with Royal connections.

Janet's research has uncovered the dates when the letters were written (they were only partly dated, with the year always omitted). Their contents have also been correlated with events recorded in the Court Circular of the Times newspapers of the period. These investigations also led to the discovery of who wrote the letters (they were all unsigned) and the writer’s ancestral background, and to whom they were written.   

Although the letters are nearly a century old, there is an exciting twist connecting the letters to a sensational event which occurred 50 years after they were written.

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“I do commend Janet on her exhaustive research."

By the well-known Royalty historian, author and broadcaster, Hugo Vickers, who kindly reviewed the manuscript.

Published by Rydings Associates, March 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9928637-0-8


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