Biography:   Janet Cowlard Janet trained as a home economics teacher, which was her role during the 1970s. More recently, until taking retirement in 2010, she was employed for over 12 years as a Training Services Manager for the charity Arthritis Care, training volunteers, staff and health professionals throughout the UK and in Australia. She is an excellent speaker and has a wealth of experience of presenting to various TWG's, WI's, U3As, church and women's groups, cruise ship passengers, and at international conferences. Her PowerPoint presentations are inspirational, well researched, contain many relevant photographs, and are full of interesting facts and anecdotes. Audience members have said that they enjoy her enthusiastic and clear delivery style, her infectious smile and cheerful disposition. Since she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 21, Janet has benefited from seven joint replacement operations. Through 40 plus years she has overcome the difficulties caused by her disability, to become a respected expert in arthritis self/pain- management, and a positive role model. She has been awarded the 'Citizen of the Year for Services to the Community', by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth, and the ‘Plymouth Women of Achievement’ Community award. In 2004 she embarked on a six-week Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to the west coast of the USA and Canada to study pain management programmes. This study led to her co-writing the internationally recognised and researched 'Challenging Pain' training programme, which is now being delivered throughout the UK and in Australia. Janet received her Winston Churchill Fellow medallion for this work from Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2006. Since retirement, she has developed a series of talks around a 'Royalty' theme. Janet's interest in the 'Royals' began after the Queen's visit to Plymouth in 1962. She has researched the 'Royals' from Queen Victoria to the present day, gathering a great deal of knowledge through her collection of royalty books, old postcards with a royal theme, and ephemera. She is a member and speaker at the RING Royalty group.   Last updated 20 Dec 2018.
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