This website does not use cookies.    It    simply    provides    information    to    potential clients,   and   the   “Links”   page   enables   a   client to contact us by email. Talks   may   be   requested   by   email,   though   we are    willing    to    provide    a    phone    number    in response to genuine local enquirers.   At   the   present   moment,   Janet   is   only   able   to deliver    talks    in    2021,    as    already    there    is    a      maximum number (of talks) booked for 2020. Books   may   be   purchased   through   eBay   (We would   use   their   Buy-it-Now   format)      after   email contact.                Payment    can    be    accepted    by PayPal, personal cheque, or bank transfer. Updated 2 March 2020
The “Small Print”